Scientists Develop a Jet Engine That Does Not Need Fossil Fuels


Researchers have developed a jet engine prototype that operates exclusively on air and electricity. The plasma jet engine aims to reduce the impact of internal combustion engines on climate change by eliminating carbon emissions.

Scientists can pave the way for carbon neutral air travel with a new jet engine they’ve developed. The developed prototype is able to apply self-propelled power without using any fossil fuel, thus preventing carbon emissions and providing a clean air.

According to the research published in AIP Advances magazine, the jet engine compresses the air and ionizes with microwaves, producing repellent plasma. The developed jet engine means that planes can only use electricity and fuel around it one day. The prototype was able to launch a 1-kilogram steel ball with a diameter of 24 millimeters, showing similar strength as a conventional engine.

Plasma propulsion jet engine aims to reduce the effects of global warming
“Our results showed that such a jet engine based on microwave air plasma could be a potentially viable alternative to conventional jet fossil fuel engines,” said Jau Tang, Principal Investigator at Wuhan University. said.

Air travel represents a small but important part of climate change, one of the biggest problems in the world. The New York Times reported that commercial air transport is responsible for 2.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide in September of last year. Moreover, this ratio does not include the effect of military jets.

“The motivation of our work is to help solve global warming problems that arise when people use fossil-fueled internal combustion engines to power machines like cars and planes,” Tang said. said. He also stated that there is no need for fossil fuel in their designs, therefore carbon emissions that will cause greenhouse effects and global warming have disappeared.

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