Scientists Develop a Device That Crosses 2 Major Barriers to Quantum Internet


Scientists from MIT and Harvard University have developed a device for quantum communication and quantum internet development. It may be possible to communicate with this device without hacking.

Scientists continue to work on new internet technologies. After the development of quantum computers, now works are done for quantum internet. However, there are some problems in the development of the quantum internet.

Quantum signals lose the information they carry when they move over long distances. To overcome this problem, the researchers have so far applied to repeaters that have been used to amplify traditional network signals, reveal losses and correct their errors. However, these repeaters did not work on the quantum internet. Another problem for the development of quantum internet is that it takes a long time to process and store the quantum information.

Scientists from MIT and Harvard University created a color center from a crystal that absorbs light to overcome these two problems. The color center of the device, which is cooled to absolute zero temperature, can capture quantum information and transmit information to thousands of kilometers.

This device, which has been developed, enables the quantum information to move over long distances, as well as being stored and processed in a short time. At the same time, quantum internet, which will be developed using this technology, will not be hacked, it will ensure secure communication.

Mihir K. Bhaskar, one of the researchers of the device that will be the pioneer of the quantum internet, says that quantum bits, which are the basis of the quantum internet, cannot be measured and copied by third parties, so that messaging with quantum internet will be safe.

The work of the researchers working for quantum internet had to be interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers come together on online platforms to continue working, write new articles, and come up with new ideas.

Researchers, who continue to work from their homes, say that this new device they developed can be used for quantum communication and the development of quantum internet. The development of quantum internet after quantum computers can enable internet technology to reach a very different stage.


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