Scientists Detect Corona Virus Is Also Transmitted Through Stool


Continuing their work on the Corona virus, which has taken the world by storm, scientists have made an important discovery. According to the studies, Corona virus directly affects the digestive system of all patients and this virus is seen in the feces of the patients.

Corona virus, one of the main items of the agenda since the beginning of 2020, continues to take life. The virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, and which continues to be seen in many countries, especially in China, has cost the lives of 910 people to date. As such, everyone has been living with great concern lately.

It is known that the Corona virus first transmitted from one animal to another and then spread from person to person. To date, scientists have stated that the Corona virus is transmitted through saliva. However, the researches have revealed a new method of transmission of Corona virus. According to the new determinations, it seems that it is necessary to avoid the toilets in the common living areas for a while.

Research conducted at a hospital in Wuhan revealed that people with the Corona virus also have impaired digestive systems. Scientists who examined the feces of these patients detected Corona virus in the feces. Also, complaints of some of the patients who were admitted to the hospital with suspicion of Corona virus were among the complaints, and the first case in the USA suffered from diarrhea.

According to scientists, diarrhea may be the second way to spread the Corona virus. Because this virus has been found in the feces of all the patients examined. However, this is not surprising to scientists, because the Corona virus is from the same family as the SARS virus that appeared many years ago and swept the world. This suggested that the Corona virus could be transmitted through feces scientifically. Researches have confirmed doubts.

Scientists reveal that, together with their research, the Corona virus can be transmitted through common toilets. However, this situation brings with it many risks. According to scientists, the transmission of Corona virus through feces makes especially the toilets of hospitals risky. In addition, the toilets of quarantine zones in hospitals are now more critical for patients under quarantine.

Experts do not know how long the Corona virus can survive outside. However, the HIV virus could remain active for 30 minutes in an open environment. In other words, Corona virus may remain active in the external environment for approximately half an hour. Scientists say that this period is especially important for toilets in common areas, and that new measures should be taken.


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