Scientists Closer Than Ever To Improve Universal Flu Vaccine


One of the biggest public health problems in the world, the flu causes the death of an average of 500 thousand people worldwide every year. The clinical trials that have been going on for 10 years for a universal flu vaccine have reached the final stage.

The flu virus that causes seasonal flu is mutated every year, and the flu vaccine can be developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) by identifying the types of viruses that made the outbreak a year ago. The content of the vaccine varies every year depending on this process.

Studies show that around 5 million flu cases occur every year in the world and an average of 500 thousand people die from the flu. The best way to prevent flu is to get a flu shot every year, but as I mentioned above, the content of this vaccine changes every year.

A 10-year study has finally come to an end to develop a universal flu vaccine. The researchers said that the results so far are promising, that the vaccine has successfully passed phase I and phase II clinical trials. Scientists have discovered that the FLU-v vaccine supports antibody responses and immune system changes among 175 healthy adult participants, pointing out that this is a very important milestone.

Olga Pleguezuelos, a pharmaceutical development firm SEEK, told ScienceAlert, “So far, we have had four clinical trials with FLU-v. Given how fast the influenza virus can change, it is very important to provide permanent resistors. ”

FLU-v activates T cells that detect a specific area of ​​the flu virus, stopping the infection that occurs in the immune system. “It took many years for the scientific world to accept that the T-cell is a valid approach,” said Pleguezuelos. T cells can provide more than one protection against influenza virus. ”

Amesh Adalja, an infectious diseases specialist at Johns Hopkins University, said that if FLU-v is found to be effective against the flu in humans, it can change the dynamics between humans and the flu virus very positively.


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