Scientific Committee Member Warns Against Wave 2


A new statement came from the Scientific Committee Member against the coronavirus, which is much lighter in our country compared to other parts of the world. Stating that many people ‘relaxed’ during the normalization process, Tasova warned about the second wave.

The coronavirus, which has reached 17.8 million cases worldwide and killed 685 thousand people, continues to increase its impact. While the number of cases in our country was below 1.000, Professor Doctor Yeşim Taşova, a member of the Scientific Committee, made new statements.

Noting that many people started to behave as before the coronavirus in the normalization process, Taşova stated that social distance was not paid attention and masks were not used correctly. As it is the case, it was stated that there were increases in cases.

Normalization did not happen completely

Commenting on the normalization process, Taşova stated that the use of masks is not considered important. Adding that the social distance was neglected, Taşova’s statements were as follows:

“We cannot attach great importance to social distance. When we say normalization or a slight relaxation part, we have become completely normalized. Therefore, we see that social distance is neglected in many areas. Subsequently, it is inevitably increased in our numbers. Better than Allah in terms of intensive care at the moment. I can say that we are in a state, but this increase worries us. In this sense, we see that especially social distance is not applied much. Especially in weddings and parks, masking and social distance rules are not applied. ”

Seniors are better protected than young people

It is known that the effects of coronavirus in the elderly are more serious. Taşova, who also made a statement at this point, noted that 65 years and older protect themselves much better. In addition, it was stated that young people were more careless than elderly people in subjects such as mask use and social distance.

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The number of cases will increase if the rules are not followed

Stating that if the rules are not followed, the number of cases will increase towards the autumn and a possible second wave may be experienced, as well as that they are more prepared but the healthcare professionals are tired. It was stated that when the rules such as social distance, mask, hygiene are observed, the speed of virus spread decreases, but these numbers will increase when these rules are not followed. It was also emphasized that more attention should be paid to these rules for health professionals.


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