Scientific Committee Member Not Caught Coronavirus


Scientific Committee member Alpay Azap explained how the coronavirus has not been caught so far. Azap said that he had been with coronavirus patients for months, but he was protected from the disease by using masks and glasses, depending on the situation.

Professor of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee. Dr. Alpay Azap made some statements about the epidemic. Stating that he has been taking care of COVID-19 patients for months and being intertwined with them, Azap explained how he has not caught COVID-19 so far. Azap’s statements are a recommendation for all citizens.

Stating that the epidemic started to spread very seriously with the cooling of the weather, Azap said that the entire northern hemisphere will be affected by this situation. Every day, the professor said that the new record is broken and will continue to break, he said that a similar situation occurred in Turkey. However, according to Azap, the coronavirus is not a virus that is easily transmitted despite everything.

“If we pay attention to the rules, it is not a virus that is easily transmitted.”

Alpay Azap says that since the first day of the epidemic, he has been caring for COVID-19 patients, examining them, but he has not gotten sick. Referring to the reasons for this, Azap states that he only wears a mask and wears glasses when they are closer than 1 meter to patients.

According to Alpay Azap, who said that indoor environments will be used more frequently with the approach of winter, indoor areas should be ventilated 6 times in 1 hour. Saying that the best way to do this is to open the windows, the Scientific Committee member states that 5 minutes of ventilation will be sufficient. Azap also added that the social distance in indoor environments should be 2 meters instead of 1.

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“Two masks are no use. It may even be harmful.”

Azap, who also made statements about the recent use of double masks by citizens, explained that there is no scientific information that the double mask protects. Stating that the important thing here is not the use of double masks, but the type of mask used, Azap underlines that masks produced in accordance with the rules should be used.

According to Azap, the double mask also poses a separate risk for citizens. Stating that even one mask slips continuously, the Scientific Committee member says that the two masks will slide more, which will lead to more contact with the face. Saying that they have recommended not to take the hand to the face since the beginning of the epidemic, Alpay Azap states that if two masks are used, the contact between the hand and the face will increase.


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