Sciencists A Theory About The First Water In The Universe


When we look for life in the universe, the first thing we look at is the presence of liquid water. Scientists have a thesis about how this matter, which is so important, came about for the first time, and this thesis is based on the winds of the Sun that crush the meteors.

Water, the molecule formed by the combination of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. Scientists have proposed a new theory of how water molecules are formed in the process of the emergence of the universe.

According to the researchers, the winds of the Sun first exposed the water molecules to the asteroids. In fact, according to scientists, strong winds can cause the formation of water on the sky stones and the Moon. This process can take place even in space.

New findings may be the clue to life in the far corners of the universe:

According to the theory, the solar winds force the stray oxygen and hydrogen atoms to form compounds. So the water molecules come out. It is known that many basic compounds exist in meteorites. With this research, it will be possible to assess the likelihood of life in remote parts of the universe.

Researchers made this finding after studying a fallen meteor in Perth, Australia, about 50 years ago. Dr. Curtin’s Science and Technology Center. Katarina Milijkovic says these findings are important because water is an important factor for life in space. The results of this research came shortly after the discovery of 10 super-water planets with water, likely to harbor life. Dr. Although Milijkovic and his team have worked on a much smaller scale, their research may provide an explanation of the origin of water.


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