Science: seeing again after first artificial cornea transplant


Science constantly creates solutions with the objective of making visually impaired people able to see again, as was the case of a human cornea in a 3D printer. Now doctors have performed the world’s first successful artificial cornea transplant.

The patient was a 78-year-old blind man. After spending 10 years with deformities in his cornea, Jamal Furani saw it again. He was able to read texts and recognized relatives after the implant.

According to the device’s creator, doctor Gilad Litvin, it was a great emotion to be a witness to someone who was able to see another human being again.

“Witnessing another human being regain his sight the next day was electrifying and emotionally moving.”

Gilad Litvin
Doctor and creator of the device


Created by the Israeli startup CorNeat, the artificial implant is called KPro. It consists of a non-degradable synthetic nano-tissue, positioned under a membrane that covers the surface of the eyelid and the white portion of the eyeball.

When it is placed, it generates an integration with the living tissue and starts to act in order to stimulate the “cell proliferation” present inside the eye. Thus, it serves perfectly to replace a deformed or opaque cornea.

Despite being considered a simple procedure – it lasts less than an hour – corneal transplantation needs more donors to meet the high demand. If it moves forward in the future, it could be the treatment solution for blind people globally.

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