Science Announces Distortion When We Live Due To Coronavirus


2020, which we entered with great hopes, has been worth tens of years, with only three months. When we say deaths, earthquakes and epidemics, we have lost our perception of time. Especially the month of March was 10 years, not 31 days. So what does the world of science say about this time distortion we are experiencing?

Although it has been technically only a few weeks since the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a new type of coronavirus, a pandemic, that is, a global epidemic, we feel as if we have been in this chaos for years. I am sure that you who read this news are in a similar mood.

A study on how our brains record memories in times of extreme fear and stress reveals the cause of this time distortion that we feel. The research showing the game our brain plays for us is an American neuroscientist from Stanford University. Dr. Performed by David Eagleman.

Professor Dr. Eagleman designed an experiment that participants jumped from a 150-meter platform to answer the question of whether our perception of time slows down when we are afraid. The famous neuroscientist asked the subjects to look at a digital screen attached to their wrists during their fall, where numbers flow at an incredible speed. According to the theory, if their perception of time is really slow, they are built on what they can read the numbers. But no subject has been able to read the numbers. This shows that our perception of time does not change when we are afraid.

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The answer is in fact how our brains record memories at this time and how they remember those memories. Our brain makes us realize every little detail to keep us alive when we’re scared. Professor Dr. “Your brain creates memory in much more detail when you’re in life-threatening,” says Eagleman. Then, when you remember a memory, your brain is confused with all these extra details, and the person is deceived thinking that this event is taking longer than it really is. ”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been going on for months, we live on thorns, so to speak. These days we are focused only on these two things: the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Every day we receive sad news from around the world due to the coronavirus outbreak. This significantly increases our anxiety about tomorrow. So the question (n) is: Could this feeling we have pushed us into a distorted reality?


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