Schools Issue New Warnings as fears of Poppy Playtime Huggy Huggy Grow


Schools in the UK have issued new warnings about the Huggy Waggy of Poppy Playtime, as fears grow over the character’s viral presence on the internet. The indie horror game Poppy Playtime includes many terrifying characters, but Huggy Waggy is perhaps the most popular, spawning merchandise, viral TikTok videos, and even playgrounds based on a furry antagonist.

Poppy Playtime was first released in 2021, and the second part, Chapter 2, will be released this summer. The players face the task of escaping from the mysterious Playtime Co. factory, which is being chased by Huggy Waggy in Chapter 1 and Long-Legged Moms in Chapter 2. Poppy Playtime has become a viral sensation, and broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch have gained millions of views. Partly because of the seemingly innocent design of the villains in the games, chapters 1 and 2 have become popular with a younger audience, which has raised concerns about whether the games are suitable for impressionable players and viewers. Earlier this year, police issued warnings about Poppy Playtime, whose characters were used in various TikTok videos and sketches in order to scare young fans.

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According to the Manchester Evening News, some British schools are currently responding to concerns about Poppy Playtime and Huggy Wuggy by warning parents and advising them what to do if their child gets access to content that is considered too scary for a younger audience. According to the publication, Huggy Wuggy’s scary content mistakenly misses some parental controls on various devices, probably due to the seemingly familial nature of its design. Schools, including Bolton Parish Church C of E Primary School and St Mary’s CE Primary School in Rochdale, have now issued statements to parents, with the latter including an information poster from the National Online Security stating:

“Creepy characters like Slenderman or Huggy Waggy. Dangerous online trials. Songs or videos that are not suitable for children. a whole range of platforms, such as online games, social networks, streaming sites or messaging apps.”

Concerned parents can find safety tips and recommendations through Safer Schools NI.

Are playing with Poppy too scary for kids?

As a mobile and PC game, Poppy Playtime is quite easily accessible to a younger audience, but it seems that unofficial content based on the game is causing concern for parents and schools. Huggy Wuggy’s popularity on platforms like YouTube and TikTok allows viewers to accidentally stumble across horror-themed videos or get them from friends. Where the game is clearly positioned as a horror and can provide a context for Huggy Wuggy that can help dispel fears, content created to scare viewers is a problem, especially among younger children.

It seems that Huggy Waggy is the last character that is used in viral videos to upset or scare users, but he is far from the first. Momo 2018 is another vivid example of the spread of horror content among a younger audience, and probably Huggy Waggy will not be the last. While the developer of Poppy Playtime has faced a lot of controversy since the launch of the game, the concerns of the police and schools about the game characters this time are not directly related to the content seen in the game, but to the viral trend of videos that may bother younger audiences.