School Nurse Files releases a new trailer first


The new teaser for The School Nurse Files will awaken your excitement for this fantastic story that is about to be released.

Netflix is ​​preparing for another great premiere in the world of K-Dramas, in just a few days we will see the first episodes of The School Nurse Files and a new trailer has already been revealed on the exciting story starring Jung Yoo Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk , keep reading and find out everything you need to know about this series.

The School Nurse Files tells the story of a nurse who works in a school, in addition to teaching and taking care of the well-being of the students, she must fulfill a very important mission fighting with paranormal creatures that only she can see.

Although the first teaser showed us a bit of this story, the new trailers revealed gave us more information about the alliance that Ahn Eun Young will have with Professor Hong In Pyo in order to achieve her mission.

This new trailer shows us a sequence of drawings where Ahn Eun Young is portrayed with her sword fighting against something that seems invisible, while she talks about how she has the ability to see a world that no one else knows.

Although Ahn Eun Young is in charge of taking care of the school students who face some physical discomfort, the cases she attends may be out of the ordinary, but she is the only one aware of it.

For her part, Hong In Pyo is a teacher who teaches at the same school where this peculiar nurse works, she begins to notice that Eun Young is acting very strange and will discover the reason, but this will lead her to become an ally of the nurse who will show you what has been putting students at risk.

This K-Drama is scheduled to premiere on September 25 and you can enjoy it through Netflix.


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