School Musical: 9 Memes that are Perfect for Movies


Vanessa Hudgens has just taken a trip down memory Lane after returning to East High School, and she has fans everywhere who want to experience the musical magic of high school with her. From 2006 to 2008, the Wildcats ran the Disney Channel and influenced an entire generation of viewers.

Although the films have been shot for more than a decade, fans are still constantly finding something new in the franchise. In particular, on Tumblr and Instagram, they proved that fandom never dies. Combining memes created by fans gives a clear idea of what the movies were about and the best moments that fans just can’t stop thinking about.

The whole plot of the school musical

There are many different ways someone could try to summarize the first movie of the franchise, “Cool Musical,” but this post on Tumblr does it best. The post reduces each character’s internal conflicts to a few words, comically portraying the plot and characters surprisingly accurately.

Troy, Gabriella and Zeke struggle between their niche, accepted by society, and the one they love against all expectations. Meanwhile, Ryan and Sharpay try to stay in the spotlight, while Sharpay constantly outshines Ryan. And the devotion of the remaining characters to their one hobby clearly shows how unacceptable it was to have such different interests in the Eastern School.

Stick to the status quo

This meme is based on the knowledge of High School Musical and John Mulaney, which are everywhere on the Internet. As students demonstrate their inconsistent interests, they actively ignore the idea of “Stick to the status quo.” The rest of the dining room, led by Sharpey, rejects these distinctions, represented by the image of John Mulaney shouting “No!”

This meme is great because it sends a message that students have reacted very strongly to the baking of basketball players and nerds who love to dance. John Mulaney is known for his overly exaggerated reactions, which makes him perfect for a cult scene where everyone has a complete match based on people’s hobbies that go beyond their personality at school.

The unique dynamics of siblings Sharpey and Ryan

It is possible that the siblings have similar interests, but it is a little disturbing that Sharpay and Ryan always choose the main roles, given that they usually have love interests. Despite the resurgence of support for Sharpey from theatrical children on the Internet, Troy and Gabriella are more suitable for romantic roles than for a brother-sister couple.

As the meme points out, this strange dynamic is rarely recognized in High School Musical. The exception is Kelsey, whose facial expression is priceless. Sharpey not only turns every ballad into upbeat pop music, but also actively sings love songs to his brother. Fan of Sharpay or not, it’s definitely a bit weird.

One person influenced the whole school

Although the whole school is against Troy devoting any time to the school musical at first, by the end of the first film everything changes, which is a bit strange if you think about it. Groups of friends of Troy and Gabriella can change their minds, but not the whole school.

The cohesive dynamic at East High School is one of the many lies the HSM franchise has told its fans. It didn’t matter how popular Troy was; he wasn’t important enough to cause such a strong outrage in “Stick to the Status Quo” or such a deep connection in “We’re All Together.” It’s unrealistic, which makes it perfect for Kronk’s meme, where “We’re all in this together” replaces his usual phrase “Everything goes together.”

The best relationship in a school musical 2

While Troy and Gabriella’s relationship was central to the HSM films, Chad and Ryan’s relationship led to one of the most memorable scenes of the Cool Musical franchise. After an outstanding performance in the film, Chad and Ryan are dressed in each other’s clothes.

Ryan is deeply queer, and fans have argued that “I Don’t Dance” serves as a discussion of bisexuality and queer studies. Because of both of these factors, fans are convinced that Ryan and Chad slept together, no matter what others say.