School For Gamers: Calendar, Schedules And Date Of All The Videos


YouTube, part of the American conglomerate Alphabet, in the first half of 2021 registered more than 800,000 million views related to video games, among which are fragmented into 90 million hours of live transmission and up to 250 million hours of on-demand content at the level global.

Community growth

To promote content creators in this category, the Californian company from November 23 until December 2, will make a new version of the already well-known School for Creators under the name of School for Gamers.

What kind of content will we find in the School for Gamers?

These training modules, despite being free and open, will seek to communicate all the possibilities offered by the platform to generate content about gaming.

The trainings will be broadcast live on the YouTube Creators channel and will subsequently be available as videos on demand for viewing at any time.


These modules will have a panel of content creators such as:

Micaela Mantegna (lawyer and founder of Women in Games Argentina)
Isabel Gracia Vargas (Project Manager for Google Spain)
All will provide their perspective of work within the platform and share their best practices.

When do the videos of the School for Gamers come out?

How to Make Successful Live Broadcasts – Tuesday, November 23
YouTube Shorts and Gaming – Thursday, November 25
Monetization Alternatives for Gamers – Tuesday, November 30
Special Panel: Women in Gaming – Thursday, December 2