Scholz: We will impose more severe sanctions on Russia


German Chancellor Scholz announced that tougher sanctions would be imposed on Russia due to the Ukraine operation. Noting that there is no justification for the occupation, Scholz said, “This is Putin’s war.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to immediately stop the military operation against Ukraine. Asking Putin to completely withdraw his troops from Ukrainian territory, Scholz said, “Russian President Putin is once again clearly violating international law with his attack on Ukraine.”

Stating that Russia’s military operation against Ukraine threatens peace in all of Europe, the German Chancellor said, “It brings pain and destruction to its close neighbors and endanger the lives of countless innocent people.”

“There is no justification for any of this. This is Putin’s War,” Scholz said, declaring that the sanctions against Russia would be tougher. Emphasizing that Putin made a “big mistake” by declaring war, the German Chancellor said, “As the next step, we will apply tougher sanctions against Russia, in close consultation with our international partners in NATO and the European Union.”

Scholz noted that their aim was to “make it clear that they would pay a bitter price” for this attack on Russia.