Scheduling feature for Google Messages released


Users of the Google Messages application have started to take advantage of a new feature. Users will now be able to pre-schedule the time of the text messages they send. Deployment of the feature started with an update on the server. Although this feature is not available to all users yet; Posts made on social media show that users are offered multiple scheduling options.

While it is useful to predetermine when text messages will be sent, it can be said that this will not appeal to many people. However, this feature can be used to send a “good morning” message while sleeping or other similar tasks. Scheduling messages can also act as a reminder.

Looking at the images shared by users, it is seen that Google offers some predetermined times. These include options such as 08:00 in the morning and 06:00 in the evening. However, users also have the opportunity to set their own special time.

Scheduled messages will be displayed on the chat screen, accompanied by a clock icon. By tapping this icon, users will be able to change the time the message is sent, send or delete the message immediately.

Thanks to this feature, Google Messages becomes a more powerful and useful communication tool. The feature was previously available in Samsung’s messages application. However, this application is only available on Samsung branded phones. Google Messages can be accessed from all Android devices.

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