SCH shares their fans’ videos of their voices!


SCH has published several videos of his fans listening to his tracks via his Instagram story! A great initiative from the rapper!

Very close to his fans and his community on Instagram, rapper SCH has reposted videos of fans enjoying their sounds via his story!

This Thursday, November 19, 2020, SCH delighted its subscribers on Instagram by reposting several videos of its fans listening to his songs! Indeed, the artist is visibly touched by this surge of enthusiasm!

On one of the videos in question, we can recognize the first verse of the famous title “Organized Band”! And for good reason, it is the latter who opens the ball on this track with his famous: “Yes my spoiled. ”

We therefore invite you to admire a screenshot of the SCH Instagram story below … Failing to be able to listen to the song in question 100% Marseillais!


A few days ago, SCH posted the cover of his first album “A7” via his Instagram feed! A post the southern rapper captioned: “5 years later, a little bigger, a little more mature, I’m proud of what has become of this project in your hearts and in mine!”

“To those who have brought me this far since, to those who discover me today, Love on you, the future promises to be terrible. “Obviously, Internet users were quick to react to this post!

“This album was incredible SCH! We can’t wait for more ”,“ We ​​will always support you, all your projects are crazy! “Or:” We are waiting for the next album like never before “, we can read on the artist’s social network!

A craze that is sure to please the rapper! So we let you (re) discover the cover of the artist’s first album below!


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