Scary Video Showing How Coronavirus Spreads in a Market


The researchers have made a new study these days because of the coronavirus, where we should stay as much as possible. In a study by Aalto University in Finland, how the coronavirus spread in a market was simulated.

The coronavirus, first seen in China, spread to the whole world in a very short time, causing people to close to their homes. While the best measure available to counteract the virus is to maintain social distance, going out of the house on a compulsory basis can also be quite risky.

Of course, it is important to remember that our only excuse is the basic needs in order to go out in this period, but if the precautions are not followed and unplanned behaved unplanned, the market shopping we make to meet our basic needs becomes very risky. A study on this subject revealed the importance of what we call.

How coronavirus spreads at the market:
As you know, people without masks were banned from entering the markets in our country recently. In other words, anyone who wants to shop in the market has to wear a mask for both their own health and public health. So, what does the use of masks provide in places like markets?

Researchers from Aalto University in Finland created a three-dimensional simulation of an individual coughing in a closed area. The simulation created by the researchers proved that small particles scattered as a result of cough did not immediately fall to the ground, but were suspended in the air for a while.

As you can see from the video above, the particles coming out of the mouth of an coughing individual can hang in the air for a few minutes and reach other departments. These particles can enter the respiratory system if you breathe, and can stick to your clothes or hand.

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This study by Aalto University has revealed the importance of the use of masks, as well as measures such as sneezing or coughing the elbow. Although it is even more annoying to stay at home with the approach of spring days, it should be remembered that priority is health. Going out as little as possible and isolating ourselves at home is very important for us to see the beautiful days again.


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