Scary Statement From Chinese Doctor About Corona Virus


Professor Zhao Jianping, Head of the Wuhan Corona Virus Medical Treatment Group, made a frightening statement about the Corona virus. Professor stated that the virus may not come out of the human body.

The Corona virus, the official name of which has been announced as COVID-19 in recent weeks, has been spreading rapidly since December 2019. The virus, which was first seen in China, has been seen in many countries around the world and has recently cost several lives outside China.

Although we have seen and shared many positive and negative news about the virus to date, the news coming today reveals how dangerous the virus can be. Professor Zhao Jianping, Head of the Wuhan Corona Virus Medical Treatment Group, has revealed several worrying findings regarding the results of the COVID-19 tests.

Positive results were obtained in patients discharged with a negative result:
Zhao Jianping, who gave an interview to Beijing News, stated that the test analysis, which was negative in some patients twice, became positive after the patients were discharged. Zhao explained that these patients were infected with the COVID-19 virus twice. The professor also shared some information that caused this situation.

Zhao Jianping explained that patients ‘re-exposure to the COVID-19 virus was flawed by testing flaws, possible errors of laboratory technicians, and the characteristics of some patients’ organisms. However, he did not make a clear statement about whether the disease relapsed or re-infected.

According to Professor Zhao Jianping, it can be found that the virus is not completely out of the body or does not produce enough antiques. Zhao Jianping suggested that all patients should be quarantined for an additional 14 days after discharge.

Continuing his statements, Zhao Jianping also spoke about the course of the disease. “The start is relatively soft, but after 7-10 days, the critical phase begins with chest tightness, lung damage, and high fever. If the patient receives adequate treatment during this period, the result may be positive. However, since the hospitals in Wuhan are very crowded, the disease has passed to an irreversible stage for many of them. ”


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