Scary picture for 2021 announced on behalf of Huawei


Chinese technology giant Huawei has been facing an “embargo” application from the USA for 2 years. It cannot be said that the brand, which sold more than 170 million smartphones in 2020, was badly damaged by this embargo. However, for 2021, Taiwanese TrendForce announced that a “crash” is expected for Huawei smartphone sales.

The prediction of ‘Huawei will drop to 7th place’ came from TrendForce

Huawei has managed to become one of the top brands with its smartphone sales figures throughout 2020. It is predicted that the company, which has sold more than 170 million, will experience a big decrease in 2021 and will sell 45 million phones.

If Huawei smartphone sales drop, as predicted by TendForce, the brand will fall well behind its competitors. Huawei will fall to the seventh place on the “best selling brands” list when it sells 45 million phones. You can see the table below.

Samsung is at the top of the 2021 smartphone sales chart created by TrendForce. The South Korean company is expected to increase its sales figures a little more in 2021 and maintain its top place. Contrary to the expected picture for Huawei; A significant increase in sales figures on the Xiaomi and OPPO side is among the expectations. Vivo’s sales statistics; It is predicted that it will increase from 110 million to 145 million

In addition, it is estimated that Xiaomi will increase the number of smartphone sales to 198 million, and will be the new owner of the third place in Huawei.

Response from Huawei to TrendForce: We will not take a step back

As a result of the TrendForce company’s research, Huawei made the following assessment regarding the data that its sales will decrease significantly in 2021 and that there will be a change in its market position;

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“The difficulties experienced with the recent developments are known by all segments. However, these developments will not lead us to take a step back in any way. Huawei will continue to provide its consumers with the highest quality and up-to-date technology products, no matter how big the developments and difficulties that we encounter since 2019, we will continue to stand by our consumers with our products.


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