Scary Invention That Will Fill The Beaches If No Precautions Are Taken: Trikini


As you get used to the new and obligatory world order brought by the epidemic, you can see things that you may not even think of. Leave aside the sensible measures such as social distance and imagine those who want to go to the sea or pool during the epidemic …. You can see the ones who misunderstand the scientists ‘wear a mask’ warnings this summer with the “trikini” on the beaches.

Wearing a mask in public areas significantly reduces our risk of getting sick during an epidemic. Even if everything returns to normal and the measures taken are loosened, it seems that it will take place in our mask culture. Of course, what we mean by the mask here is the medical and filter masks that really protect us when worn. It is not known to what extent the masks produced at home or used simply because they are more elegant protect us.

We have entered the period when old habits started to blend with new ones. Masks began to take place in the fashion world and become part of the new generation of clothes. However, fashion and health priorities, whose anxiety is to look good, do not meet at the same point. The weather is getting warmer and people are discussing how to dress in the summer without research.

Masked outbreak bikini: Trikini
They started working for trikini in Italy, which became the center of the epidemic due to weak measures in the world and fashion in Europe. Fashion designer Marine Verdenelli talks about her new trikin design in an interview with MSN. This part of the job is of course not of much concern to us, but at least as much as loose measures; Wearing a mask and swimming in the sea or pool collectively can also pose major risks.

Even under normal conditions, the sea and pools face many risks of infection. It is an interesting approach to go into the water with masks whose main purpose is to filter the viruses in the air. For those who have fashion anxiety during the epidemic, we should also mention an issue that they should worry about: Sun burns caused by the mask. Though the Italian Ministry of Tourism has also announced that they will be swimming this summer in the past weeks.


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