Scary Corona Virus Scenario from Corona Virus Advisor to the Ministry of Health


Ministry of Health Corona Virus Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Alpay Azap made statements about the epidemic that influenced the world. The punishment made recommendations by addressing the importance of hygiene to protect against the virus.

Health Minister Fahrettin husband last night for the first corona virus cases in Turkey, following the announcement that it was determined, Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious President of the Association of Medicine and Health Ministry Corona Virus Scientific Advisory Board Member Prof. Dr. Another scary statement came from Alpay Azap.

Professor Dr. Alpay Azap claimed that 40 to 50 percent of the world will face the virus in the next year. He also noted the importance of using water and soap in the fight against the corona virus.

Stating that the Corona virus is similar to the flu virus, Azap said, “It is similar to the flu virus due to both clinical findings and its propagation feature. Therefore, we expect that it will affect the whole world just like flu viruses. There are a number of mathematical models made in this modeling studies. calculations are made as to 50 percent will encounter this virus. ” He spoke in the form.

The torment noted that there is no effective vaccine to protect against the corona virus, and more than 30 vaccine studies are currently under development. He also emphasized that the most effective way to protect against antivirus is to pay attention to hand cleaning and hand hygiene.

Hand cleaning is important
Professor Dr. Alpay Azap pointed out the importance of hand cleaning to protect against the virus, “We recommend hand cleaning with water and soap. There is no need for any special antibacterial soap, detergent, and any substance that contains the feature. The soap we know is enough. Let’s rub the fingertips and thumb back like thumb. In places where we cannot reach water and soap, rubbing the hand with solutions containing more than 60 percent alcohol will effectively eliminate the virus. ” said.

Azap also pointed out the importance of accessing correct information during the epidemic and claimed that wrong information harms people.


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