Scarlet will benefit from the Tales of the Tales experience


The producer of Scarlet Nexus recounts how the experience of working on the Tales of saga has had an impact within the development of its development.

The development of Scarlet Nexus is supported by the experience of Bandai Namco studios having worked on the Tales of franchise. This was assured by its producer, Keita Iizuka, during a question and answer session on YouTube.

As Iizuka reveals, this know-how includes narrative and character development techniques. “At Scarlet Nexus, we’ve built battles to be intuitive and challenging,” he says. In this sense, the team wants players to “feel the improvements and growth” that you make during the game, just as it would feel in a Tales of.

On the other hand, when asked about the similarities of Scarlet Nexus compared to other titles such as Code Vein and God Eater, the producer assures that there is no connection between their universes. “It is a completely new game. However, the fact that the player can become one of the characters and experience the world first-hand is what the trio have in common ”, she concludes.


Scarlet Nexus was revealed during the Xbox Inside of Xbox Series X in May. Bandai Namco’s new proposal will lead us to immerse ourselves in a future brain punk, as they call it. A futuristic Japanese setting that mixes classic anime with western science fiction. Despite not having any launch framework, what we do know is that it will participate in the intergenerational grid: it will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Tales of saga is also heading for a new installment, although we will not finally see it this year. Tales of Arise was scheduled to arrive at some point in the second half of 2020, but the difficulties that have caused the pandemic have caused internal processes to slow down. At first it would only reach this generation of consoles and computer.


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