Scarlet Nexus commits to PS5 and Xbox Series X


The development team of the title recognizes that they aspire to achieve the coveted combo both on new generation consoles as well as on PC.

Scarlet Nexus will offer the possibility of playing in a 4K resolution and 60 FPS mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The game development team has recognized in a meeting with MeriStation that the work will move to 30 FPS in the current generation ( PS4 and Xbox One), while on the next home machines from Sony and Microsoft it will be possible to multiply the number of frames per second.

Reduced loading times thanks to SSD memories

After interviewing Keita Iizuka, producer, and Kenji Anabuki, director of the play, we were able to learn more about this action-adventure proposal in the purest anime style with hack and slash mechanics. The idea, which was born five years ago, has remained in development ever since with the aim of being one of the great champions of the first batch of new generation games.

Speaking to this medium: “It has been a challenge to develop a version for both generations”, they commented, “especially for RPG games in which we change quickly between scenes, it feels very good that the loading time is only a third we’re used to so far, so it really expands our options. ”

Thanks to the SSD storage memories of PS5 and Xbox Series X, Scarlet NExus will be able to get rid of these loading times almost completely, which will also guarantee that the load of elements on the screen is much higher compared to what we have been seeing during these last seven years. Being a studio that has worked in the past on installments of the Tales of saga, they assume that there will be recognizable elements of the company’s very successful JRPG license. Regarding that next iteration, Tales of Arise, it has been delayed in light of COVID-19 and will not be released in 2020.

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