Scandals in Cardi B’s career The rapper gave a lot to talk


Once again Cardi B is on everyone’s lips after this week she announced that Offset is divorcing after 3 years of marriage. This would not be the first time that the rapper is in the eye of the hurricane because her artistic life has not been at all calm. And if you do not remember the scandals he has gone through, here is the list of them.

Cardi has never been embarrassed to talk about when she made a living as a stripper and it is that the New Yorker had a hard time getting to where she is. On more than one occasion the things she had to do in her past have been the target of criticism and her past has returned to cause her problems for it.

Last year, the famous woman yelled at a reporter from El Gordo y la Flaca. Cardi did not want her father to be recorded, and due to the reporters’ failure to comply with the request, she had to demand that they stay away from them. This did not leave her well, however, she assured that “she loves the program but does not like that her family is the center of attention.”

During New York Fashion Week in 2018, she had an aggressive fight with Nicki Minaj, something that made the headlines. In that meeting, in addition to saying words to each other, a shoe even blew up.

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