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Scandal! Demi Rose is seen that without Photoshop! Attention to the scandal


Depending on the day and mood, sometimes we only see what we want to see, selective blindness is allowed in the pink section.

And all this comes to the story that celebrities also have their bad days and their unfortunate looks, that being famous is not synonymous with being perfect, and that they tell Demi Rose to see if she agrees with us.

We are so accustomed to seeing the curvy in its highest hours that when we catch it in a moment of resignation or trying to go unnoticed it is hard for us to recognize it.

He betrays his size, his volume, the shape of his body because otherwise and with the guise with which he has been hunted he could have passed through any neighbor’s son.

No necklines, no makeup or hairstyle worthy of the best Hollywood actress, quite the opposite.

Casual, sporty, with shorts that one puts on to get off the dog and with a top of the most normal. Hair collected without any look and large glasses, very large, the size she likes and to avoid being recognized, and not with those.

Demi is hungry and is choosing menu while walking, without paying attention to who sees it and who guesses it under that aspect, it shows that she has forgotten that her unconditional never rest … although sometimes they are surprised with the aspect that can arrive To have your diva!

This is the model when she is away from this whole world, a woman like any other, without retouching or Photoshop, without retouching her legs or her arms and with her face washed, a scandal for any celebrity and real life for those who don’t we are!

We still like you, Demi, so don’t worry.



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