Scams already use Emergency Aid to trick victims on WhatsApp


Due to the high demand for emergency aid of R $ 600 released by the Government to help the population during the coronavirus pandemic, false links are circulating on the internet. This is an alert released by the dfndr lab, laboratory of the digital security startup of PSafe, which registered a high in this type of scam since the month of March.

According to the company, about 90 to 100 fake pages induce users to share links in applications, such as WhatsApp, to receive the benefit, requesting personal data. If the person provides the information, they are subject to risks.

One of the security measures indicated concerns the verification of the link’s identity. For example, every page of the Government must end in “”. Fake websites do not have this feature.

“To make sure you are on an official website, look for the address on a search site,” says Emilio Simoni, director of the dfndr lab. Therefore, there is little care. The coup already has 6.7 million shares and accesses across the country.

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