Scammers Start Selling MP3 that Kills Coronavirus on Dark Web


The coronavirus’s despairing of humanity reveals new generation scammers. A variety of products, from protective equipment to respiratory equipment, are sold on the Dark Web, as well as MP3 files that kill coronavirus.

Scams on the Dark Web are trying to make money from the coronavirus in mind-blowing ways. Previously, fake vaccines, COVID-19 infected blood samples, and often fraudulent materials were sold on the dark side of the internet.

A report recently published by two cyber intelligence firms Sixgill and DarkOwl showed how this inhumane fraud trend has leveled up. A variety of new products have been discovered on the Dark Web, from personal protection equipment to respiratory equipment, even MP3 files that kill the so-called coronavirus.

1. Personal protective equipment
Medical N95 masks are the primary personal protective equipment (PPE) sold on the Dark Web. Boxes with the logo of Farstar Medical, a German company, are offered for sale through different vendors. It is seen that the 10 packs of the masks are sold for 80 euro. Payments are received with cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

The protective equipment sold on Dark Web is not just limited to masks. As you can see above, it is seen that alcohol-based disinfectants are sold as well as masks.

2. Respirators
The global failure of the respirators after the coronavirus epidemic prompted scammers. Respiratory devices used for home-based patients, portable respirators and devices commonly used in hospitals are also sold in various categories.

Breathing apparatus varies depending on design options and estimated usage times. There are also high-end devices used professionally, such as the Puritan Bennett 980.

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3. MP3 files that kill the coronavirus with frequency
In the Dark Web, there are some protection and therapeutic equipment as well as some fraudulent products. It is claimed that an MP3 file, first seen on April 3, 2020, can help kill the coronavirus due to its frequency when it is listened 3-6 times a day.


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