Scam Artist Gets Annoyed When Talking To Victim During Scam: ‘Bad Manners’


Scam: Who has never received inopportune calls and beyond telemarketing inconvenience, right? There are some ways to avoid the frequency of these calls and one of them is to ask the company to remove your number from the database. That’s what data scientist Rafael Godori* did when he received another call from the bank trying to offer a card with credit and debit functions.

“I received a call with a recorded message saying that I had a pre-approved card. Generally, when I receive these calls, I immediately contact the company so that they can take my number from their base”, says Rafael.

However, the message did not say which bank was. “That’s why when the recording asked if the company could contact me, I chose the ‘yes’ option; that way I would be able to request the pickup directly from the attendant,” he explains.

When he said he had no interest in the offer and asked to withdraw his number, however, Rafael received a somewhat ‘inelegant’ response. The scammer got annoyed and even called the customer “impolite”. Check out the entire conversation:


However, when contacting the Santander bank to understand the reason for the “crossed” response, TecMundo discovered that the contact was an attempted coup. The institution denied that the number belongs to the company, stressing that the logo used in the contact photo is old and is no longer used by the company.

According to Rafael, it would be difficult to identify the attempted coup alone, as the criminal used a recorded message passing through the bank on the first contact, used WhatsApp Business and had the standard approach used by telemarketing companies. Furthermore, the criminal used a number very similar to the one used by Santander.