Says Gray’s Anatomy won’t return to the cast


Gray’s Anatomy, despite being such a beloved series around the world, has come under heavy criticism for having lost so many cast names as the seasons have passed. Of the original characters, from the first episode, there are few left. Among the most loved is Doctor Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, who left Gray’s Anatomy in 2014.

For six years, the actress has always been asked during interviews about the same thing: would Sandra Oh want to go back to the series and reprise her iconic role, or even make a minor appearance during the last episode of Gray’s Anatomy?

Since then, the answer has always been the same: no.

Understand Sandra Oh’s decision

In an interview given to ET Canada in 2020, when asked about this return, the answer remained “no”, but Sandra Oh showed a certain appreciation, reinforcing that it is an honor that fans have liked her character so much that they insist on she comes back even after six years.

However, as she said in the interview, her career is moving in different directions now. She is the protagonist of Killing Eve, alongside Jodie Comer, and the series is a complete success, earning her a Golden Globe as Best Actress in a Drama Series in 2019.

Due to these changes, it is easier to understand Sandra Oh’s response. Cristina Yang was definitely one of the best characters in Gray’s Anatomy, but now we have to take advantage of Oh’s presence on Killing Eve, at the height of her performance.


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