Sayonara Wild Hearts in physical format for PS4


Meridiem Games will distribute the boxed version of the video game from Simogo, iam8bit and Annapurna Interactive in Spain.

Pop music and video games go hand in hand in Sayonara Wild Hearts, a title that was released in Apple Arcade and other platforms in digital format, but which will now return with its own boxed version. This was announced by Meridiem Games in a press release confirming their arrival in Spain. It will be from September 29 when players can access this edition, although Annapurna Interactive and iam8bit, which will launch the game with the help of Skybound Games, have already opened reservations at the usual points of sale.

This fast-paced arcade developed by the Swedish studio Simogo offers us a gameplay that allows us to drive motorcycles, skate, dance, shoot and hit hearts at a frantic speed, all seasoned by a pop soundtrack that accompanies and is part of the video game itself. The goal is to get hold of the scores and find the harmony of the universe.

On PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

The physical edition of Sayonara Wild Hearts will be published in Spain for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, so the Microsoft console will run out of it, at least for now. The title not only garnered good reviews from the press, but also garnered some level accolades: it was the winner of the BAFTA Games Award for artistic achievement, as well as the Apple Design Award.

Simogo’s work was presented as one of the flagship games of Apple Arcade, the video game service of the apple company, specifically oriented to independent court products. Therefore, the game remains exclusive as an iOS title on mobile devices. To this day, it has not been released for Android phones, but for consoles and PCs. Now, you can also place the box on your physical shelf.


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