What Say Tyga About Kylie Jenner’s lying?


Is Tyga (29) mixing in the rumor mill now? It has just been announced that Kylie Jenner (22) and Travis Scott (28) are going their separate ways from now on. As a result, the young entrepreneur should not have spent much time moping, but paid her ex Tyga a night visit.

The brunette denied these rumors immediately. She had not used the “key” interpreter that night again – but Tyga seems to contradict her: A post of the rapper fired the speculation about a Techtelmechtel of the two now even more!

In a story on Instagram, the rapper merely posted the emoji of a blue cap. However, the small icon could be very important in the context of the latest news: According to the Urban Dictionary, it means that someone is lying or trying to hide something.

Shortly after the first picture Tyga published an almost identical one – this time he wrote the word “media” for the emoji. Did he want to say with the two posts that Kylie is lying, or rather that the gossips are not telling the truth?

While Tyga’s ambiguous signs fueled speculation, his ex-flame did everything to stop the rumors. So Kylie recently shared a picture on Instagram, in which she pointedly sticks an overprinted Tyga tattoo into the camera: from the letter “T” on her ankle is now “L.A.” become.

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