Save up to 681 euros on your Samsung Galaxy S21


The Korean firm has already introduced its latest cutting-edge phone to the world: The new Galaxy S21. The manufacturer has put all the meat on the grill and since it is a high-end range, the price is according to the characteristics it proposes. Hence, we have a Samsung Galaxy S21 for no less than € 859, a price that can be reduced thanks to the Samsung Renove program. We tell you how much you can save if you join the program to get your new mobile.

How to lower your mobile by handing over your old mobile

If you’ve been waiting for this moment, you finally have access to the pre-order of the Samsung Galaxy S21. We have already told you how much it costs in its most basic version, but it is true that you can save some money with a renewal plan. We are not talking about asking for financing so that you get the cheapest terms, but about giving your terminal in exchange for financial compensation from the company.

There are many possibilities you have to get a reduction in the price of the Galaxy S 21 and then we are going to tell you what they are. You must take into account one thing before and that is that a company will assess the condition of the terminal, which in this case is Brightstar, and can reduce the amount depending on the damage or use of the transferred device.

As you can see in the image, there are many devices and brands that are accepted to make the Galaxy S21 renewal plan. Phones and tablets from both the firm itself and Apple and Huawei are accepted as well as other brands such as Xiaomi, Motorola, OnePlus or LG. If you have a device from another firm, it will be impossible to benefit from the program.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the prices are very different since it depends on the model of the device. We say this because the 681 euros correspond to the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, but if you give another superior terminal like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 it can be up to 911 euros.

How to use Samsung Renove

1. Choose the option and your mobile to deliver
Select that you have an accepted mobile and the model from the list. Then buy the new terminal

2. Pass your data
After receiving your new Samsung mobile you can transfer the data to your new mobile. Don’t forget to remove the locking and anti-theft systems.

3. Return your old device
The company Brightstar 2020 (Spain) SAU will send you an email in which it will indicate an issue number. Later, you must go to a Post Office where you will be given the packing materials to send your old mobile. Shipping costs are prepaid by Brightstar so the entire process is free.

4. Income of the money
As soon as Brightstar receives and checks the status of your old device, you will receive the final rating. Upon acceptance, the amount will be entered into the account number that you have indicated in the purchase process.


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