Savannah Chrisley Admits She Was Quickly “Angry” About Todd and Julie’s Incarceration, But Explains Why She Trusts The Appeal Process


Savannah Chrisley has spoken openly about the anger and pain she has experienced since her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to federal prison on bank fraud charges. The star of the USA Network reality show said that they failed because of a broken justice system, and talked about being angry at God for allowing this to happen. And while that pain is still present, the 25-year-old seems determined to change her point of view, explaining in her podcast why she trusts the appeal process.

In the February 1 episode of Unlocked (opens in new tab), “Trashbox Tabloids and THE TRUTH”, which, according to Savannah Chrisley, was recorded on January 24— exactly a week after the stars of “Chrisley Knows Best” appeared in prison—she confessed to “a lot of anger, a lot of screaming”, and was broken to the core. However, she has taken back some of the disparaging remarks she made about the government and the justice system as the family prepares to appeal the sentences of Todd and Julie Chrisley. She explained:

A lot of things come out of my mouth from resentment and anger, and then I sit and think, “You know, I could say it a little differently.” I said it a little differently, and now I’m correcting it. Because I believe that this appeal system will do the right thing, look at all the evidence, look at the court documents. Because you will see violations of the Fourth Amendment as clear as day.

Her social media activity seemed to indicate that she was trying to “trust the process,” and Savannah Chrisley confirmed in a podcast that the family would appeal in mid-February. She listed the reasons why she has hope for an appeal, saying:

You will see where an agent of the Georgia Department of Revenue entered and illegally seized a warehouse with a warrant that was not even signed by a judge. You will see an IRS agent lying on the counter. There are so many things that if the public conducts their research, views and gets access to court documents, transcripts and reads them word for word, it will help expand your knowledge of this case, on this topic.

Shortly after Chrisley was sentenced in November, their lawyer Alex Little said he was “optimistic” about his clients’ attempt to appeal the case. Despite a major setback in the process, when the judge rejected Todd and Julie’s request for bail, as well as their request for an extension of their extradition date, Little claims that, in his opinion, the couple will receive a retrial, in large part because of the two issues that Savannah Chrisley spoke about regarding Georgia Department of Revenue and IRS.

In the Unlocked podcast, Savannah Chrisley spoke candidly about the days after her parents went to prison, calling it the “hardest week” of her life. The 25-year-old girl took custody of her 16-year-old brother Grayson and 10-year-old Chloe, over whom her parents received custody in 2016. She also told how difficult it was to help them cope with their anger. just like her own.

She, like her sister Lindsay, told about how she visited Todd Chrisley, who is serving his 12 years in a maximum security prison in Pensacola, Florida. Meanwhile, Julie Chrisley has been transferred to Lexington Federal Medical Center in Kentucky to serve her 7-year sentence, and details have emerged about her life behind bars, which apparently includes going to church, playing spades and emailing her husband.


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