Savage: aespa Comes Back Stronger With Their Gripping MV


aespa represented the first mini-album of their career, what did you think of the MV for Savage? One of the most anticipated K-Pop comebacks by fans was that of aespa with Savage, the girls showed different stages of KWANGYA, the fictional universe where SM Entertainment artists develop.

After a long wait and after their debut, aespa finally released their first mini-album called Savage, the promotional song of the same name dazzled MY from all over the world with its sound and shocking moments.

The MV of Savage was released on the YouTube platform, 6 hours of the official premiere, and reached more than 6 million views, 1 million likes and thousands of messages in the comments area

As in their previous songs and videos, Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning used references from KWANGYA, Black Mamba, and more, which drew netizens’ attention to the K-Pop band’s comeback?


One of the elements that define aespa within the industry is its unique sound, since the mixture of varied genres and styles made Savage an experimental song that unleashed MY opinions, some loved how the vocal and rap talents looked in the music. comeback.

Savage’s MV is a collection of eye-catching clips, as it featured many colorful settings, references to their powers, and their mission in KWANGYA, this aroused MY’s curiosity, the fandom created new theories.

In addition, the avatars of the members of the girl band were present during the choreography, the viewers noticed that the MV could be the fight of good and evil, they enjoyed the animated scenes, while the looks of the idols did not go unnoticed. What did you think of the aespa launch?


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