Sault teases first live performances on Instagram


The elusive band asked fans what songs they would like to hear live.

Sault hinted that they would finally be able to play their first live performance.

Taking to Instagram, the mysterious band asked fans: “If we had a live show… what songs would you like to hear?”

Since its introduction in 2019, Sault has never performed live. The band has also never given interviews or released music videos. It is assumed that the band consists of singers Kid Sister and Cleo Sol, as well as producer Inflo, who worked a lot with Little Simz (including as producer of her Mercury Award-winning album “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”), Michael Kiwanuki and producer. four tracks on Adele’s album “30”.

Speaking about working with Inflo, Adele told The Face that “we’re both from North London… He’s the calmest person I’ve ever met, a really amazing, spiritual guy.”

Inflo also won Producer of the Year at the BRIT Awards 2022.

Earlier this month, Sault unexpectedly released five new albums — “Untitled (God)”, “11”, “Aiir”, “Earth” and “Today And Tomorrow” — “as an offering to God”. They were available for free digital download for five days in a password-protected folder before the four albums became available on Spotify. In its current form, “Untitled (God)” was not available.

Back in April, Salt released the instrumental album “Air” along with a separate single “Angel”.

In a four-star review of last year’s LP “Nine”, NME wrote: “Salt again demonstrates the power of words and how powerful music can be. It’s impossible not to feel affected by the stories being told.”

“Despite Nine’s sadness, Salt puts optimism and hope for a bright future into his songs. Combined with the shimmering piano keys, the album’s poignant closing words offer a lifeline: “Never lose yourself / You can always start over.”


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