Saturn and Jupiter Photographed at the Meeting


In Australia, a photographer had the opportunity to photograph the moment when Saturn and Jupiter meet with the International Space Station, which is currently in the same orbit.

On December 21, 2020, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, which can be seen from the sky with the naked eye every 800 years, took place. This is the first time that Jupiter and Saturn have come closer since 1623. This conjunction brought with it impressive photos.

The most popular of these photos was an image captured by an astro photographer named Jason De Freitas. Freitas captured an impressive photo of the reunion of Saturn and Jupiter in the same frame with the International Space Station.

ISS later included in the plan

Jason De Freitas realized that the International Space Station (ISS) would be in orbit close to the reunion, while planning the photographs he would take for the reunion of Jupiter and Saturn. The photographer traveled to the Jelloore Lookout mountains of Australia, which is 1 hour away from his location and started preparing his equipment.

At around 21:54, Freitas turned his lens to the location of the planets and ISS and took an extremely rare photograph. The photographer had the chance to include the convergence of planets, satellites and the International Space Station in his frame.


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