Saturday Night Live graduate Kate McKinnon reflects on the sketches that made her feel like herself “in touch” with the Audience


Earlier this summer, Kate McKinnon and other stars disappeared from the Saturday Night Live show, which upset many viewers who liked her chameleon character and funny characters. It’s only been a few months since she left the night shelter, but McKinnon is already reminiscing about her time on the show. And in a recent interview, she spoke frankly about the sketches that made her feel most “attached” to the audience.

The Joe vs Carol star talked about her favorite SNL moments during an interview on the comedy podcast Vulture Good One (opens in new tab). Although McKinnon enjoyed her time on the sketch comedy show and played a cavalcade of characters, she revealed that weekly sketches have their limitations. She especially felt that the format did not allow these characters to grow, although she acknowledged that there were times when she felt a strong connection with the people she played. Discussing the mentioned moments, she named one important moment of 2016, which many viewers will surely remember:

I will share two moments when I felt most connected. One of them was after Hillary [Clinton] lost [the 2016 presidential election], and the cold revelation was that I was playing “Hallelujah” on the piano. I felt that for the people for whom this was a tragic event, I felt a very real connection.

Hillary Clinton’s cold opening was one of the actress’ most memorable performances, as it hit the nail on the head after the 2016 presidential election. Of course, the audience already liked the impression of the SNL graduate from the Democratic candidate, but there is no denying that there was sweetness in her solemn perception of “Hallelujah.” This is certainly an important point, but the second one she talked about is probably just as important, if not more. The SNL graduate recalled how she first played the outrageous Colleen Rafferty:

I also felt really connected the first time I sketched the alien abduction. [It was] a completely different experience, people were laughing, not crying. And yet the same recognition, like, “Guys, we’re all together. We all feel the same about something.”

Kate McKinnon’s impeccable comedic skills and her willingness to become a humorously traumatized victim of alien abduction made each of her appearances even funnier than the previous one. SNL’s alien abduction sketches, which have an interesting backstory, would be difficult to pull off if they had smaller performers. But McKinnon more than coped, and it is very impressive that she was able to make the audience believe in the idea of such an eclectic character as Collen Rafferty. Given how synonymous she is with the character, it was fitting that McKinnon reprised the role in her last episode of the show.

Despite any limitations, the star seems to appreciate the sketches very much. Sketches allow viewers to watch something like “show and tell,” according to the comedic actress. These moments were a delight for her, as she and the audience shared both human behavior and humor at this moment. In general, the Bubble star called the weekly sketches “the greatest experience.”

Kate McKinnon has since explained that she left SNL because her body was “tired” of working full-time. After leaving the night facility, McKinnon had already moved on to what would happen next. She can be heard in DC League of Super-Pets as the guinea pig supervillain Lulu. She already has roles in the movie “Barbie” and the film adaptation of the children’s book “The Witch at Lunch.” The fan-favorite star will definitely take part in other major projects that should allow her to communicate with the audience in the future, just as she did in the NBC series.

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