Saturated formula: demand for lives drops almost 70%


According to a report by VEJA, the data from Google Trends point to saturation in the search for the term lives, with a sharp drop starting in May. Lives became popular as the pandemic of the new coronavirus advanced without any forecast of improvement in the contagion curve.

The new fashion

What started among friends, relatives and youtubers almost without expression, as a refuge from social isolation and loneliness, soon fell into the media and conquered a legion of artists, who saw, in some cases, a great opportunity to earn money. Lives became a fever and, in a short time, competed for space with prime time TV.

Since March, the search for the term lives on Google has started to grow. At the beginning of April, both took place with the largest number of spectators in Brazil. The first was on the 4th, when Jorge & Mateus reached an audience of 3.24 million viewers. And the other, on the 8th, with Marília Mendonça, who broke the record with 3.31 million viewers.

The spikes in searches for lives occurred right after these presentations: on April 19 and 25, as well as on May 2.

However, the number of lives started to overcrowd the streaming platforms, and the audience started to dilute. In May, it was possible to notice a 20% drop in demand for this keyword. In June, there was only a slight increase on the 12th, when it was Valentine’s Day. After that, the popularity of the lives came “downhill”.

On Friday (17), searches for the term lives were 67% lower than the average observed in April.

The drop in demand, incidentally, also reflected in the offer of such transmissions. Today, they are much less talked about, which seems to support the theory that all fashion is passing.


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