Very Satisfied with BMW Blockchain Technology


Auto giant BMW started testing a blockchain project called PartChain last year. Using technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, BMW developed this project to improve the supply chain.

The company’s goal was to see if the supply chain could be better managed using this blockchain project. BMW released a press release today and announced that this project was successful.

Using Blockchain
Thanks to the PartChain project developed by itself, BMW can track where the auto parts come from and where they go more effectively than usual. The company used the headlights used in its own vehicles to test this project it developed last year. Following the headlights from several different production facilities, BMW was very pleased with this process.

Andreas Wendt, Member of the Board of BMW AG, says that supply data can be shared “securely and anonymously” through the blockchain. The company therefore plans to use blockchain technology not only for tracking auto parts, but also for different purposes. Wendt says about this technology:

“Thanks to this project, we can digitize BMW’s purchases much more effectively. Our main goal is to create an open platform where the data in the supply chain can be transferred securely and anonymously. ”

According to the press release, BMW can also use this technology to track raw material usage in the long run. The company can also start using this technology to control the production process at its own plants.

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