Satellite records meteor explosion on the border between RS and Uruguay; residents report tremors


Last Wednesday (20) satellites registered the explosion of a meteor on the border between the state of Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguay, an action that was monitored by residents and identified by meteorological agencies.


As stated by the monitoring agency, the identification of the object’s entry by the sensors and the explosion suggest that it is a bolide with larger dimensions, however this type of fall rarely causes damage or greater problems, since the rock fragments during its movement.

According to reports by MetSul Meteorologia, GOES-16 satellite sensors captured the entry of the bolide into the Earth’s atmosphere, especially between Northern Uruguay and the border of Rio Grande do Sul. People from both regions managed to register the phenomenon and reported it to the authorities local sounds similar to an explosion and earthquakes in the city of Cerro Largo, RS.

In addition to the bang and tremors, some witnesses also claimed to have seen a “huge flash” that could be observed even during the day. According to information, it is likely that the rock is a kind of ‘bolide’, which causes a greater clarity compared to the meteor type “fireball”.

This variation is exceptionally brighter and can be captured by meteorological satellites, just as was done this week by the GOES-16.

Depending on the size, speed and composition of the space rock, the meteor will disintegrate or not upon entering our planet’s atmosphere, and in some cases, such as in the bolide, it can end up explosively with sonic noise and a glare at night greater than the of the planet Venus. In these cases, the luminosity is too great to allow identification by meteorological satellites”, states MetSul.
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