Satechi provides USB-C hub port variety and flexibility


With its new USB-C hub device, Satechi offers all the ports that laptops may need. The USB-C On-the-Go Multiport Adapter device, which has a price of about $ 100 abroad, is actually similar to other hub devices. However, the high standards of each port set this Satechi device apart. Besides laptops, this device can also work for the latest iPad Pro models.

This USB-C Hub device even has an HDMI port and offers support for a maximum 4K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. Up to 100W of power can be output via USB-C PD. So you can use the device as an intermediary for charging. The cable used to connect the hub device to the computer is not fixed as is the case with some other devices. Satechi also provides two USB-C to USB-C cables with the hub. One cable is 1 meter long. The second cable is shorter and intended for travel. VGA port that supports 1080p / 60Hz video output, two USB-A and one USB-C data port, gigabit Ethernet, SD and microSD card slots are among other port and connection options.

We’ve seen devices in the past with features similar to those of Satechi. However, none of them offered all the required port options in such a convenient and comprehensive package. For example, Sony’s MRW-S3 device announced in 2019 had 100W USB-C PD support, but the image output was at the most 4K / 30Hz. Anker’s USB-C hub device, on the other hand, has 4K / 60Hz support and can provide up to 100W charging output (used for 15W operation). However, there is a short and non-removable USB-C cable. Meanwhile, Satechi’s new hub device occupies only one USB-C port of the device.

On the other hand, it provides flexibility with an additional VGA port in addition to the HDMI port. However, Satechi states that the VGA port only supports image mirroring. This will make it more convenient to connect the laptop or tablet to a projector via the VGA port.

Satechi’s new hub device is sold abroad at a price of $ 99.99.


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