Sasuke: Know All About The Rinnegan From The Naruto Character


Sasuke: Know All About The Rinnegan From The Naruto Character. ANaruto is one of the most loved animes in history and features memorable characters. One of them is Sasuke, holder of Rikudo’s Rinnegan in his left eye. Know all about character power!

What is Rinnegan?

The Rinnegan is a Kekkei Genkai — a technique limited to blood heritage — passed down through the generations of the Otsutsuki clan, celestial beings who have traveled between dimensions for countless ages in order to drain chakra and genetic material from the worlds to attain deity.

The technique is considered one of the “Three Great Dojutsu” alongside the Byakugan and the Sharingan, and it emerged on Earth with the arrival of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, whose mother possessed the Rinne Sharingan.

For a long time, the eye was seen as a tool to aid the ancient Otsutsuki Will and the main means of influencing the clan across worlds, as it is the most powerful of the dojutsu trio. For this, Rinnegan bearers are able to awaken a higher state called the Six Paths Technique, a blessing directly linked to the user’s power and ability and consisting of a set of supreme abilities, allowing the release of immense amounts of energy without necessarily there is physical wear.

The Paths—Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta, and Naraka—inspired by Buddhist mythology, represent the rebirth of realms after death and indicate the entire trajectory to which the Rinnegan bearers are connected.

Among the powers awakened by Rinnegan are:

Manipulate the forces of attraction and repulsion
Absorb chakra and any jutsu
Materialize armor and equipment
Absorb the enemy’s soul
Summon powerful people and creatures from another dimension
Control the King of Hell
Raise people or bring only the souls from the Pure Land
Control gravity by restricting enemy movements
master the ninja natures
To acquire these powers, the eye holder must go through an arduous journey of suffering, metaphorically going from Hell to Heaven. And that includes the character Sasuke, who had a great trajectory in Naruto.