Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Wolf Cub Show Is Better Than Buffy’s Return


Along with the release of the movie “Little Wolf: the Movie”, the role of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the upcoming Paramount+ project “Wolf Pack” was confirmed, and it will be much better than the return of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. When Gellar returns to the supernatural realm, it gives the new show “Wolf Pack” even more momentum. The new production attracts not only the viewers of “The Wolf Cub”, but also those who are looking for nostalgia for Buffy. It’s a stroke of genius, but not just for that reason.

The show was announced at Comic-Con 2022, and confirmed to feature iCarly reboot star Bella Shepard and Chad actor Armani Jackson. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s participation in the new project became known quite recently, much to the surprise of Buffy’s audience. “Wolf Pack” will tell about two teenagers who got into a forest fire and were injured by a supernatural being. When they discover they’ve actually been bitten by werewolves, their journey turning into mythical supernatural creatures promises themes similar to Scott McCall’s adaptation to the life of werewolves in MTV’s “Little Wolf.”

Where Gellar’s role appears is as an arson investigator for the aforementioned forest fire, and this seems to her a much better option than Buffy’s return, both professionally and in connection with the Wolf Pack conspiracy. When two bitten teenagers unite, they encounter another pair of werewolves. These two are the adopted children of a park ranger who experienced a similar deviation from the norm 16 years ago, possibly related to the events of the “Wolf Cub”. Gellar’s role in this series of interrelated events certainly confirms a greater range for the actress. The tension this can cause between Gellar’s character, an arson investigator, and a park ranger can be interesting.

Sarah Michelle-Gellar is perfect for the “Wolf Pack”

Sarah Michelle Gellar is perfect for “Wolfpack” not only because she offers the actress a little more professional range. It’s also an ideal role for an actress who used to be so into the supernatural canon. Gellar’s experience with Buffy will only increase her drama when she encounters the supernatural. Whether Gellar’s Wolf Pack character will exhibit the same stubborn but optimistic personal qualities as Buffy Summers remains to be confirmed. Her previous experience with the supernatural—even on screen—will serve her well.

Buffy’s series would be better rebooted completely, given how it ended. While the Cub has some unfinished business, the Buffy series ended when the entire vampire army turned to dust when Spike sacrificed himself to save Buffy and the Potentials. Consequently, a reboot with Gellar as a character would not have suited a series that came to such a convincing ending, even if it had been set years later. However, in the finale of the series “Wolf Cub”, Scott and other werewolves joined the battle for the unification of the supernatural and human worlds. With Gellar starring in The Wolf Pack, such a conflict between humans and the supernatural is sure to continue.


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