Sarah McBride is the nation’s first transgender senator


In the United States of America (USA), Democrat candidate Sarah McBride was elected to the State Senate of Delaware in the elections held on 3 November, becoming the country’s first transgender senator.

LGBTI + activist Sarah McBride, 30, won the election against Republican candidate Steve Washington with about 73 percent of the vote.

“We did it. We won the general elections. Thank you.” shared with the message.

The 26-year-old transgender Taylor Small, who was a candidate for the Democrats in the US elections, was elected to the state of Vermont.

For the first time in the United States, a transgender person was elected as a deputy in 2017. Taylor Small became the country’s fifth transgender lawmaker.

Who is McBride?

Sarah McBride, active in LGBTI + rights, access to healthcare and child protection, volunteered in politics alongside Matt Denn, the former governor of Delaware’s governor.

McBride, who interned at the White House during the term of former US President Barack Obama, later took part in the campaigns of former Governor Jack Markell and former state Attorney General Beau Biden.

Sarah McBride has written about the human rights struggle in a book called “Tomorrow Will Be Different”.

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