Sarah Jessica Parker reveals pandemic will be on the plot


In recent statements to Vanity Fair, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the stars of Sex & the City, aired in the 1990s by HBO, gave new details about the plot of the revival miniseries.

According to her, the coronavirus pandemic will be one of the main themes of the episodes, since the writers will discuss how it affected the lives of all women in the production.

“[Covid-19] will obviously be part of the story, because this is the city where [these characters] live,” said Parker, citing New York, where the narrative takes place.

“How did that change relationships after friends disappeared? I have a great expectation that the writers will explore all of this, ”she said.

The revival miniseries of Sex & the City also intends to address the effects of social media on contemporary society – making a possible criticism of rampant consumerism – with emphasis on the evolution of feminism, starting from the point that the series was consecrated at least 20 years ago.

Still according to Sarah Jessica Parker, all the women involved in the production are excited to see how time has passed for the characters and how it could have potentially affected all the main relationships in the series.

A coronavirus pandemic approach will certainly reconfigure many things and exacerbate some problems.

Learn more about the Sex & the City revival series

Announced with great enthusiasm, the new episodes of Sex & the City are being produced directly for streaming HBO Max, which is not yet available in Brazil.

In addition to Sarah Jessica Parker, actresses Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis return to the main cast. Kim Cattrall, interpreter of Samantha Jones, however, will be left out.

There is no announced release date yet. Let’s wait for news!


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