Sarah Hyland’s wedding was basically a modern family reunion, and I’m here for everyone. Lonely. A minute of this


Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams got married! The Modern Family actress and Bachelor Nation graduate have finally been able to tie the knot after rescheduling the date several times due to the pandemic. The couple did not lose hope of celebrating with all their friends and family, and their patience certainly paid off. Among the many guests gathered to celebrate the happy couple was the Highland television family from the ABC sitcom, and watching the posts from the reunion of the actors of “Modern Family” is what my soul needs right now.

The big event took place on Saturday, August 20, at the Sunstone Winery near Santa Barbara, California, according to People, when Sarah Hyland welcomed Sofia Vergara, Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Bowen to see how she would say: “I do ” to her love for five years. Although actress Hayley and her new husband weren’t present in the Instagram posts, it seems more than obvious that the other members of the Pritchett/Dunphy gang had a good time!

Also present at the celebration were Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s husband Justin Mikita and Sofia Vergara’s son Manalo Vergara. Nikita may never have been in a sitcom, but it’s clear that he’s definitely an unofficial family member!

During Sarah Hyland’s long engagement, she revealed that when Wells Adams was ready to propose, he asked for the blessing not only of her parents, but also of her television parents—Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell—before getting down on one knee. . The bartender of “Bachelor in Paradise” seems to have been approved, because “mom” was present!

The wedding guests seem to enjoy each other’s company almost as much as the fans enjoy seeing them together again!

Everyone looks terrible or is hiding, except you and Justin. I wish you two a long happy life together

Wells Adams met Sarah Hyland in 2016, the same year he appeared on the ABC reality shows “Bachelorette Party” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” He found love—just not on the show—when they started dating the following year. The couple got engaged in the summer of 2019 and planned to get married a year later, in August 2020. We all know how 2020 went, and since Highland’s immune system was weakened due to a kidney transplant, they decided to wait until it was safe for everyone. celebrate together.

Modern Family came to an end in 2020 after 11 seasons, but you can relive all of Dunphy’s jokes by streaming the series with either a Hulu subscription or a Peacock subscription. You’ll also be able to find Wells Adams at the bar when “Bachelor in Paradise” returns with season 8 on Tuesday, September 27. Check out our TV program for 2022 to find out when all your other favorite shows will premiere.


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