Sarah Fraisou: the new very slim silhouette Web


She’s not the same woman anymore. After the loss of her thirty-two kilos, Sarah Fraisou wanted to perfect her figure.

Thus, the pretty brunette, known for her numerous appearances in reality TV, gave herself a third breast reduction.

Indeed, Ahmed Harroun’s wife had already undergone this surgery because of her natural breasts. But we have to believe that she still considered her unsightly!

So this time, Sarah Fraisou wanted to reduce it as much as possible. And the least we can say is that he really likes the result!

In the story of her Snapchat account, the small screen star had already spoken about it. ” I am so happy. (…) I tried a normal breast. She is lifted, reassembled. It’s really crazy fun! ”

But until now, Internet users were content simply with what the young woman said. They hadn’t seen her new breasts yet!


Thus, Sarah Fraisou no longer wanted to make the suspense last longer. Indeed very proud of her new figure, the young woman films herself from head to toe on TikTok.

Besides, the pretty brunette can not hide her joy. In a very good mood and energetic, the reality TV candidate lets herself go with a few dance steps.

No one can deny it: Sarah Fraisou’s change is truly spectacular. So in the comments, Internet users do not hesitate to let them know!

“Wooouah, congratulations. You’ve lost weight! “,” You are the most beautiful like that, I do not know how you managed to lose weight “,” She lost seriously. It suits him really well, ”we can read under the video.


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