Sarah Fraisou appears slimmer in a pink mini dress!


Sarah Fraisou appeared slimmer in a pink mini dress on social networks. The opportunity for her to show off her new appearance.

Sarah Fraisou is unrecognizable! The reality TV contestant has been transformed since her great weight loss, and so she proudly displays her slimmed down body.

This time around, the pretty busty brunette filmed herself with her best friend dancing on Aya Nakamura. In a pink dress that looks great on her. Ahmed’s wife smiles XXL.

What shocks her followers is obviously her new physical appearance. It has nothing to do with the one she once displayed. And his fans love it.

Yesterday, the reality TV contestant responded to numerous unpleasant claims from her fans on Snapchat. Indeed, some Internet users have confided to the pretty brunette having trouble adjusting to Sarah Fraisou’s new physical appearance.

“For me, when people tell me Sarah, I think of the fat Sarah Fraisou. It’s always been called that, ”wrote one Snapchat user. A reflection that did not shock the reality TV candidate. She said she prefers to continue to call her that.


Sarah has had several cosmetic surgeries in order to get the body she has today. So she shrunk her stomach. But not only…

Very complexed by her natural breast, the young woman therefore underwent breast reduction. An operation that changes his life.

“So I made my chest smaller. This is crazy stuff. But so I’m so happy. So I tried a normal breast for a change. I like it, ”she said on Snapchat. And his fans had approved.

Since Sarah Fraisou is in a relationship with her husband Ahmed, the pretty brunette is more determined than ever to lose weight. And thus have the body that she dreamed of so much. And it works wonderfully.

Very athletic, her husband who does muay thai at a high level, therefore helps him daily to surpass himself and it works. In order to achieve its goals. And the results are already showing. So if we can trust the photos she posts on her Instagram account.

With over 32 kilos lost in less than a year, Sarah Fraisou is therefore proving that with unfailing determination you can achieve your goals. And that’s good for her!


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