São Paulo starts monitoring cell phones to contain coronavirus

Last Wednesday (8), the Government of the State of São Paulo initiated tests to monitor cell phone signals to detect agglomerations. The information was confirmed at a press conference led by Governor João Dória on Thursday (9).

Based on data provided by operators Vivo, Claro, Oi and TIM, the measure aims to verify whether people are at home and assist in taking action when not.

“Operators will start monitoring the isolation in the state of São Paulo during the quarantine (which ends on April 22). Based on information from telephone users’ data, that is, 100% of the data, we will be able to identify the places where there is concentration to carry out isolation actions and also guidelines and warnings, if necessary ”, according to Dória.

Maps of this data will also be provided to city halls in cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants. Cell phone numbers are not part of the initiative.

Stricter measures
The repercussion of the measure on Twitter was not the best. The hashtag #DoriaDitador reached the trending topics of the social network and reached 38 thousand mentions citing the suggestion given by the governor that, if the level of isolation does not reach higher rates, more rigorous actions will be put in place.

“We are going to do the test this weekend. If we do not raise this level of people fulfilling the quarantine – which today is 50% – to 60% and move to 70%, starting on Monday (13th), not only the state government, but also the city hall of São Paulo, will take more rigid measures. I wanted to avoid that, because it means that people will not only be able to receive warnings, but also a fine and a prison sentence. I wish I had to avoid that. People need to be aware ”.

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João Dória added: “Social isolation is not a vacation. People need to be aware of this. It is not enough to move from the capital or metropolitan region to go to the interior or coast to be safe. On the contrary, you are increasing the risk potential in these regions. We are not proposing isolation as a vacation schedule ”.

The state of São Paulo reached 496 deaths from coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health’s balance sheet released on Thursday, an increase of 15% in 24 hours. Confirmed cases of the disease in the state reached 7,480.



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