São Paulo, potential smart city in the country


The city of São Paulo was elected the best smart city in Brazil, with the best average rating on indicators of innovation, intelligence and sustainability.

This is the result of the sixth edition of the Connected Smart Cities study, prepared by Urban Systems together with Necta. The survey involved all 673 municipalities in the country that have more than 50 thousand inhabitants and evaluated 70 indicators related to innovation and practical application of technology in cities.

The Southeast and South regions are the most present in the top 10. Florianópolis almost won the title, followed by Curitiba and Campinas – winner of the general ranking in 2019. Brasília is the only city outside this regional axis among the ten best municipalities evaluated.

Other highlights include the fact that 18 cities among the 100 best placed have less than 100 thousand inhabitants, while 64 of them are in the Southeast region – which also indicates a geographic concentration.

In addition to the general classification, based on a global methodology that allows comparison between completely different cities, the ranking presents thematic axes with specific highlights that are taken into account in the final calculation. In them, the capital of São Paulo was the only one to win in more than one category. Check out the winners in each of the other categories:

Economy: Barueri-SP
Education: São Caetano do Sul-SP
Entrepreneurship: Rio de Janeiro-RJ
Governance: Balneário Camboriú-SC
Environment: Santos-SP
Mobility: São Paulo-SP
Health: Vitória-ES
Security: Ipojuca-PE
Technology: São Paulo-SP
Urbanism: Curitiba-PR
You can check the complete list on the Connected Smart Cities website, filtering cities by region, state and size of inhabitants.

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